SpikeWorld Enterprises Inc. has opened a Liquor Distillery in Weston WV.  Currently you can purchase MannCave Vodka and MannCave MoonShine in WV Stores.  The Distillery Opened in December 2018 so you might have to ask in your local store and they can order it from the WV ABCA.

SpikeWorld Specializes in support of SMALL commercial business.  We have experience solving big business problems and apply that knowledge to small businesses.  If you are looking for help keeping up with growing technology needs of small business, need help to set up a network for future growth, need security for your intellictual property or just need a central file share, or help with patching, we can help.  Spikeworld is a small business supporting small business with Large Expertise.

SpikeWorld draws on a wide area of expertise, from building networks where there are no networks, to adding firewalls, switches and routers to growing networks.  Security expertise that includes the design and implementation of federal FDCC desktop security and packaging that security into an InstallShield package for automated deployment via SMS and GPO. Designing and implementing security for common applications to have that security implemented immediately on install of the software. Developing applications for multi-platform operating systems such as Windows, Unix, Linux and more. Developing applications for relational databases and data warehouses.

SpikeWorld has the experience and capability to automate the application of security settings such as FDCC and orginizational security settings to workstations on large and small scale. These settings go beyond Active Directory GPO to parts of the system that are not accessable via standard AD tools. Security settings as well as desired default settings can be staged on standalone workstations as well as domain joined machines. Global deployment experience using this technology in conjunction with a software deployment technology such as Microsoft SMS or other similar product.

All this experience is utilized to support our small business customers and get them started out right. 

Most of our support is done after normal business hours to help small business owners concentrate on their business where they are needed most.



  • Enterprise network design and implementation
  • Enterprise capacity planning
  • Enterprise backup solutions
  • Server installation and administration
  • Cloud design
  • Virtual clustering, conversion
  • Exchange server setup and administration




  • Software development in Java, C, C++, Perl, Python, Ruby & more
  • Web Development with cutting edge technologies (HTML5 , CSS3, Joomla)
  • Data Warehouse (green plum, oracle, red brick, netezza)
  • Database design, architecture, maintenance (Oracle, MySQL, PostGres, SQL)
  • Data analysis & integration
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