The Management Team

Wendy T. Mann


Mrs. Mann as president brings her 30 years of experience as a programmer, tester and manager for large companies and large projects. She has been responsible for the design and implementation of critical Email systems for AOL handling 6 billion messages a day, testing and designing of billing systems and e-commerce with credit card processing, and has been responsible for managing massive amounts of data in data warehouse systems and database systems.
Mrs. Mann brings the capability of managing, mentoring, assisting and directing even the highest level programmers ad testing staff effectively.

Stephen P. Mann

Vice President/CEO

Mr. Mann has spent the last 30 years working for midsize to Fortune 500 companies.
His roles as an architect in cyber-security, application and OS configuration and network design have given him a unique perspective. His understanding of networks as a whole in invaluable when troubleshooting systems and finding where vulnerabilities exist. He has extensive experience with critical systems such as E-mail, Anti-Spam, network monitoring, database and web, not to mention installer technologies and an in depth knowledge of the Windows registry.
Mr. Mann brings the experience that is required to manage, assist and mentor engineers of all levels effectively.

Mr Mann is also the creator of the MannCave whiskey formula that will be used in the creation of MannCave whiskey. 

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