Our Story

SpikeWorld Enterprises Inc. was incorporated in June 2009. It has been assisting small to medium businesses with their IT projects, Web based applications, network build-outs, Email, Spam and system architecture. SpikeWorld customers are extremely satisfied with the services we provide, In 2016 SpikeWorld decided to break out of the IT arena for something more stable and less stressful.  It was decided to open A Liquor Distillery.. how did that happen?.. Well... Lets start from the beginning..

As a child, Stephen Mann grew up in Weston WV, living in an old farmhouse that was on the exact site of where the distillery sits now.  The spring that the Distillery now uses was one of the places of childhood play and summer cooloff.  The spring had never gone dry and was always a water source for the farm.

In Lewis County High school Stephen learned all about distillation in Science class, making wine in milk jugs and distilling the alcohol out of the wine to use in the class alcohol burners for experiments.  This was in the middle of moonshine country and distilling was never far from the hearts of the locals.  In the class, the seeds of what is made at MannCave now were planted.

In 2014, Stephen started experimenting with making whiskey in small barrels after his favorite whiskey became hard to find and extremely expensive.  The first try came out extremely good and this success led to several other successes.  At the 10th test batch, MannCave Whiskey was born, but Stephen did not know it yet.. Not realizing what he had..

In 2016 Stephen took a bottle of his homemade whiskey to the housewarming of his boss Mark, which led to Mark and Marks father (who only wanted Single Malt Scotch at the time) trying the whiskey.  (his dad tried it reluctantly due Mark's prompting)  Once Mark's father tried the Whiskey, he stole Mark's full cup of whiskey and would not give it back.. anyway, the bottle came back home empty, with not much thought other than more needed to be made. 

The next day, Mark stopped by Stephen's desk and closed the door behind him.. Stephen figured he was in trouble for something.. then Mark stated "That whiskey was amazing, probably the smoothest I have ever had.  You know you are probably the best IT person I have ever had in here, and as much as it pains me to say this, you need to quit this job and go make that whiskey for a living.... so I can buy it from you, you will have a customer for life!"

Well Stephen went home and asked his wife Wendy.. "What do you think about opening a distillery?".. Well, the rest is well, history..

The distillery opening was rife with problems, mostly due to the Still Vendor, Corson Distilling Systems not delivering, which to this day has not fully delivered what was paid for, so we are out tens of thousands of dollars in undelivered but paid for equipment, not to mention they flat our refused to perform on the sales contract items and warranty before the still was even installed.  but don't get me started on that.. moving on.. In 2.5 years, SpikeWorld built the Distillery outer building, the distillery Inner building, the Spring House, the water tank house, and many other things, all from scratch.  The complexity and uniqueness of the Spring House and Tank house led to most of the design being done by SpikeWorld, as no one we could find had done what needed to be done in this case.  There is still much to be done and much in the planning stages so

So now you know the story of how we came to be, well the highlights anyway.  The reason the distillery was opened was the Whiskey which unfortunately is not out yet.. however it is coming.. Target date for the release of the whiskey is mid 2019.

Before incorporating, SpikeWorld Enterprises built and maintained networks for small to medium companies that did not have staff or expertise to do it themselves, and continues to build and maintain small business networks today.

SpikeWorld Enterprises has

  • Over 17 years of infrastructure experience designing, implementing and maintaining networks for extremely large government and private networks.
  • Over 20 years of enterprise vulnerability management experience for mission critical systems.
  • Over 15 year of software development experience for extremely large and complicated enterprise mission critical systems.
  • Over 12 years of network security experience in large enterprise environments and ISP's.



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