Our Story

SpikeWorld Enterprises Inc. was incorporated in June 2009. It has been assisting small to medium businesses with their IT projects, Web based applications, network build-outs, Email, Spam and system architecture. SpikeWorld customers are extremely satisfied with the services we provide.

Before incorporating, SpikeWorld Enterprises built and maintained networks for small to medium companies that did not have staff or expertise to do it themselves, and continues to build and maintain small business networks today.

SpikeWorld Enterprises has

  • Over 17 years of infrastructure experience designing, implementing and maintaining networks for extremely large government and private networks.
  • Over 20 years of enterprise vulnerability management experience for mission critical systems.
  • Over 15 year of software development experience for extremely large and complicated enterprise mission critical systems.
  • Over 12 years of network security experience in large enterprise environments and ISP's.

SpikeWorld is currently engaged in the creation of a revolutionary Cloud and Web based application for small and medium businesses. This application will put smaller businesses in a positon to effectively compete with their larger counterparts. The web based application utilizes open source frameworks and is being built from the ground up with open source cutting edge technologies.


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